Thursday, February 9, 2017

App Review: Mobile Legends: Bang bang

This is a free to play game app that is very similar to the game play of famous MOBAs like Defence of the Ancients(DOTA) and League of Legends(LoL).

There are 5 different game modes that you can play in this game.

  • Match up mode: Unranked game that uses a 3 lane map, this is where you would usually start.
  • Ranked game: The same as match up mode but every game determines if you will climb in rankings or fall.
  • Brawl Mode: Unranked game with single lane where all the players brawl. I would suggest this if you just want a quick game with lots of action.
  • Human vs AI: You and other players can play against AIs and choose between Match Up Mode or Brawl Mode. If you’re not confident enough and just want to practice some heroes.
  • Custom Mode: It’s the same as Human vs AI but this time you are the only human. Kinda lonely. 

There are a lot of heroes to choose from with different types like Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. My personal favorite is Miya, this hero is very easy to use but powerful during late game, I would recommend this hero for newbies.

Some things that you may want to do first before engaging in a battle is check the Prep tab. There are three things that will be important for your hero. Emblem Set, Abilities and Gear. To put it simply Emblem Set is like an additional stat to your hero, Abilities is an extra skill, and Gear it the set of items that your hero will be building during the game.

Every free to play game comes with an in-game shop to that they could still make money while everyone enjoys the free game. Shop items include heroes, skin, double exp cards, double battle points card, horns and name change card. No worries if you are not the type who spends money in games, you can earn battle points during ranked games to buy the heroes you like.

I played dota before and I can say that the amount of fun playing this game is more or less the same. I would say even players that do not have experience in Moba can easily learn this game and enjoy it. You would enjoy this game for hours and it is very addicting. The experience is different for every battle because there are a lot of heroes with different strategies that players could execute. What makes it very exciting some time is the kingdom war this happens when players from one country is pitted to players from another country, makes you proud of your country when you win the game.

What do I like about this app? Controls are very easy to use and understand, connections is great, it takes less than 30 seconds to find players for a match, game play is very competitive, and you can enjoy the game for free.

What I do not like about the app? There is no voice chat and chatting on keyboard is a hustle, the heroes you can buy with your initial battle points is limited, prices of heroes are different, and graphics is average.

This game is highly recommended for gamers that want a Moba game on the go.

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Free with in-game shop.

App Developer: Moonton

Download Link:

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OS used by reviewer: Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Device used by reviewer: Samsung Galaxy S7